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Welcome to the new Bluefence Olympic Litter Puppies! Whelped 2/15/10

We will next be appearing at the Northern California Basset Hound Club Field Trials on April 2 & 3, and the Basset Hound Club of Sacramento Field Trials on April 4th. Come join us!

Then we go to Emerald Empire to get our Karma back for more field trialing, followed by the Basset Hound Club of Sacramento Specialty.



Welcome to Bluefence Bassets

At Bluefence Bassets we believe that each and every basset hound in our care is to be treated as part of our family.

Because we have a home in the country and an apartment in San Francisco, our dogs have been exposed to a variety of life experiences.

We are members of the Basset Hound Club of America, Basset Hound Club of Sacramento, Northern California Basset Hound Club, Golden Gate Basset Rescue and the San Francisco SPCA.

Our bassets compete in various AKC events such as conformation, agility and basset hound field trials. They have also participated in Animal Assisted Therapy, Dog-Dog Behavioral Rehabilitation, and Humane Education programs.

We believe in a scientific approach to training using classical and operant conditioning and also in the value of dog to dog relationships. We work hard to have healthy and happy dogs and will do what we can to help anyone having difficulties with their basset.

We hope you enjoy the website! SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION